Last ITEA Board Support Group Meeting in this Year

For the last time this year, the ITEA Board Support Group (BSG) met in Berlin, together with the ITEA Authorities Committee. Even though it was an own journey to attend this time, it was anyway a very fruitful meeting where several points could be clarified, and upcoming actions could be tightened. It was impressive for me to see in what stages several projects are and what innovative projects are currently in the starting phase.

A major objective in the next year will be the visibility of the ITEA activities and especially the project outcomes. Many of the projects face important industrial, societal, and technological challenges and deliver solid impact to these. And this follows the mission of ITEA: The ITEA’s mission is to enable businesses, with the involvement of their customers, to create innovative solutions that master the Digital Transition and tackle the major challenges in a way that helps bring society forward. ITEA encourages its global community to create impact and value through RD&I projects in the area of software innovation with the knowledge of the industry and the capability of national financing.

I am looking back to an interesting start as a member of the ITEA BSG this year and I am excitingly looking forward to the upcoming year, and how ITEA continues its success story in software innovation.