Students work on E2COMATION in TU Seminar

We, the Human-Computer Interaction & Visual Analytics team, and I from the Software AG hold this semester the seminar “Visual Trend Analysis” at the TU Darmstadt in the department of computer science.

At this seminar, students will work on current research topics that also face the European research project E2COMATION, in which the Software AG is involved. The given topics address state-of-art research and trends toward energy management and energy consumption organization with ICT, especially in the production industry. After the last discussions regarding the goals of the seminar and the expected results, I am looking forward to learning new insights about existing research solutions that might be also interesting for the project as well.

The goal of the E2COMATION project is the improvement of industrial energy efficiency at the European manufacturing level which requires the integration of energy data with advanced optimization techniques to guide a company’s decision-making. E2COMATION intends to address the optimization of energy usage, at multiple hierarchical layers of a manufacturing process as well as considering the whole life-cycle perspective across the value chain. The solutions that will be developed in the E2COMATION framework will operate at all factory levels, from collecting information and data at the field level, to managing and optimizing production at the factory level, and even up to the factory network level.