SmartEval – Web-based Evaluation

Smarter System Evaluation via a Web-based Solution

Creating websites and in web-application that satisfies your users and customizers is always a challenging, but indeed it is extremely important. Unsatisfied users will leave and maybe never come back, which is obviously bad for your business. The avoid the risk of leaving customers website owners should evaluate their website in regards of user satisfaction and usability – you should ensure that users can do with your service what they intend to do.

On the market there are still a number of solutions to test websites, even by involving the users. The most often used approach is the use of questionnaires, which allows your users to give a feedback how they like your websites and maybe what can be improved. This test form is simple and easy to implement, however, you cannot identify where users might get problems on your website. The other form is making a user study, which is expensive and very complex and you have to invite users to laboratory etc. where you can observe what the user is doing.

Users and their expectations of technical systems can be a real challenge, especially for designers and developers. Although their needs and expectations are taken into account at an early stage in the development process, it can not be ruled out in the end that users are overwhelmed with the user interface. Often the website operators are only indirectly informed that there are problems with the website or their own web application, for example because the number of visitors decreases or as a result sales suffers. To investigate this cause, one can not avoid a user-related evaluation, but unfortunately dedicated investigations are very complex and often costly.

With SmartEval, a smart evaluation solution, it works effectively and yet without much effort and costs. The core idea is a smart, distributed evaluation software that allows one to examine one’s own website / web application itself or in comparison with other implementation or competing products in a practical test phase. Already today there are a variety of evaluation systems, which, however, requires a special hardware on site such. an eye tracker. This is often not necessary. The clou is the coupling of sophisticated questionnaires, which were developed in collaboration with educators, and a task-related use of the desired web application. Through this coupling of practical use and demand in questionnaire form can identify both real usability problems, as well as subjectively perceived problems. But empirical comparative investigation, whether a particular feature brings added value for the user, can be easily created.

What makes the SmartEval user evaluation solution so special is that it can be preconfigured as desired and forwarded to the desired test users by e-mail or website. No special hardware is required, the user can carry out the evaluation with a PC, tablet or smartphone and even interrupt it. As a result, you get an extensive results table, where it can be seen whether users successfully solved a task and how long they needed it. They also receive the results of the questionnaires. Upon request, we can of course prepare these for you to a report, so they also clearly experience aspects such as the inductance of their application.

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