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Dirk Burkhardt

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Applied research to find smart solutions on existing problems in the market that’s my major passion.

A smart solution requires an intelligent and effective software architecture and sustainable development, particularly toward stability, scalability and security.

Commit the learned to the next generation of young researchers and business developers.

Latest News

TU Seminar Finished with E2COMATION Topics

With the current winter term 2022/2023, I co-organized the seminar “Visual Trend Analysis” at the TU Darmstadt and offered some exciting topics about energy consumption and energy management in the industry. After the seminar now has ended, I am impressed by the results, which document great overviews of the existing related works but also current scientific insights over the entire energy management domain in the producing industry, such as sensorization, but also analysis, and regulation with/without artificial intelligence methods.
12/04/2023/by Dirk Burkhardt

EuProGigant Project Workshop in Vienna

On 09/10 March the team of the European Research Project EuProGigant held a workshop in Vienna. At the official first part of the workshop, the new partners of the enlarged team were welcomed, and the funding bodies were briefed about the current project stage and the future objectives, especially those together with the new partners.
27/03/2023/by Dirk Burkhardt

Became Project Member in EuProGigant

Almost two months ago I joined the German-Austrian research project EuProGigant to support and temporarily represent the work from the Software AG side.
24/03/2023/by Dirk Burkhardt

E2COMATION Project Meeting in Milan

Several days have passed since the last consortia meeting of the European research project E2COMATION at the beginning of this March in Milan and it has taken me some time to recap the progress of the project.
09/03/2023/by Dirk Burkhardt

8th Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC 2023)

Also in this year, I support the organization of the 8th Collaborative…
06/02/2023/by Dirk Burkhardt