As part of the federal government’s multimedia project of the future (MAP), a technical framework was created with which routine tasks in a mobile context can be delegated to mobile software agents. The main pillars of this framework are a service-oriented platform for the generation and instruction of software agents for mobile assistance and a novel solution that allows legally binding transactions to be transferred to software agents so that evidence that can be used in court is available for the evidence case.

The VESUV project researches the advantages of safe and legally binding agents in two specific areas of application. In the area of eGovernment, the coordination of distributed administrative processes is examined using the specialist procedure for registering a business. In the field of e-tourism, VESUV deals with intelligent and context-sensitive assistance in the form of a dynamic travel guide.

Project Runtime11/2004 – 04/2007
Funding BodyFederal Ministry for Economics and Labour (BMWA)
Involved Partners5 Partners from Germany
My RoleScientific Assistant
My Project ParticipationSince 08/2006

e-Tourism application

Discover a city with all its sights and hidden gems without having to study long travel guides and city maps. Find out more about the history of a city and find recommended restaurants without subjecting yourself to the dictates of a guided tour of the city. Let yourself be driven by your individual impressions in a city as a tourist and still learn a lot of things worth knowing and some amazing things. This is made possible by the Dynamic Tour Guide developed in the joint VESUV project.

In the joint project VESUV, the researchers are developing a dynamic travel guide that takes into account the personal preferences of tourists and enables them to go on an individual tour of discovery. A field trial in the historic city of Görlitz in August 2006 is now to show how the mobile information system is accepted by tourists and how it influences their experience. Interested parties can now try out the Dynamic Tour Guide in Görlitz. The researchers are thus presenting themselves to the interested public.

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