The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences aims to intensify its actions for a sustainable and focused research in Europe toward European Cooperation in Science and Technology toward Visual Trend Analytics for Society (VisCOST). This should increase the research strength of the university as well as the research activities within Europe. A COST action was therefore chosen as a first attempt to strenghten these activities. A COST action is open-ended. The aim of the planned COST-Action of the Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is to create a European research network to promote innovation and technology management through the interdisciplinary use of methods of visual analysis, artificial intelligence, simulation, prediction and planning of new technologies and innovations for corporate purposes (smart manufacturing, early technology detection etc.), the optimization of government strategies (e-governance) and the involvement of European citizens in government decisions (e-participation) but also in research.

Project Runtime02/2020 – 10/2020
Funding BodyFederal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)
Involved PartnersDarmstadt University of Applied Sciences
My RoleProject Member
My Project ParticipationSince 02/2020

The research is answering the question “How can innovations be created and strengthened, and future technologies as well as possible scenarios be predicted by the approaches that are currently at the forefront of technology research in order to make strategic decisions in a more targeted manner?”. A very interdisciplinary research is necessary to answer this question. Knowledge from management, such as innovation, technology and information management, but also strategic planning and predictions in companies (corporate foresight) must be brought in from economics. The current consortium includes actors who are internationally recognized in these areas. The combined use of the methods of artificial intelligence, simulation, algorithmic prediction and visual analysis must be introduced from technology research. Politicians and society as well as companies must specify the requirements that can serve as the basis for strategic planning, decision-making and optimization processes for the technologies that are introduced or to be developed. The planning of new technologies and innovations for the purposes of companies (corporate foresight, smart manufacturing etc.) and the state (e-governance, e-participation etc.) will serve as a basis, which will be further refined and specified in the application, but also further refined within the running COST action. The network serves, in particular the interdisciplinary exchange, on the above-mentioned subject areas, considering the practical perspective. The exact layout of the COST action network is the subject of a lively exchange between the partners during the application phase. The COST application aims to establish a network to ensure the exchange of content via the exchange formats supported by COST (conferences, workshops, summer schools, exchange of students and researchers, etc.). In parallel to the exchange of content, the COST Action Network serves as the nucleus for further European application projects. Another goal is the exchange of funding lines and the establishment of further cooperation for various European application projects, e.g. under Horizon Europe and others.

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