A Connecting System for Tourists

eTravelGuide was the first big project we created at college. Since it was too trivial for us to write a simple administrative system, we were looking for an idea that set innovative and ambitious points at the same time.

Our idea came us especially as we increasingly observed how groups of tourists, mostly older people, were “carted” on buses to Görlitz. A majority of them took the opportunity of a tourist guide. But what if, above all, able-bodied seniors want to explore the city on their own? And what about more distant attraction, in the vicinity of Görlitz? So, the idea was to develop a tourist guide, which above all makes the more remote attractions accessible by public transport. Here, individual options should be scheduled. The wider vision of the project was using the system as a road terminal or as an additional service in hotels, restaurants or the premises of the regional transport network operator.

The project met enthusiastic listeners at the project presentation, who peppered us with some very technical questions, on which we still had no answers on. 😉

Unfortunately, no demo can be provided by this program at the moment, because the client is no longer running in the current Java version.

Current Version0.1 Beta 2.5
AuthorsRobert Wirbs, Justus Markert, Dirk Burkhardt