Organising Personal and Team Events

GroupCalendar is an online calendar in which appointments can be entered in groups. This has the advantage that e.g. company-wide structures can be considered. Groups can be created for the respective department, for each person or even for appointments that affect the entire company, a global group. Any number of appointments can be created within these groups. The person concerned can add comments to the appointments or export them as a PDF.

Technically, this is a JavaEE5 application. It also used Java Server Faces (JSF), which allowed the MVC paradigm to be fully implemented.

A few minor quirks may still be included, which was due to the fact that we had only four weeks to plan and implement this project. 🙁

Current Version1.0
AuthorsSven Winkler, Felix Richter, Robert Wirbs, Justus Markert, Dirk Burkhardt