Tune Your Website with free Webtools

This project is aimed at webmasters who want to use dynamic services such as guestbooks, polls, newsletter systems and the like. The services are provided on our servers, so that the respective webmasters do not even have to have professional webspace to integrate the dynamic websites.

This project is one of my most important – but not necessarily because it is technologically demanding. Rather, because I dived into the world of programming with this project. Equally interesting was the integration of a database in such a project, which at that time was absolutely new territory for me.
At that time I decided to develop this page in PHP, because it was praised for its simplicity and the fast training time in many magazines – which I can confirm afterwards.

Despite this ideational position, it is unfortunately not possible for me, due to a lack of time, to upgrade the project with many required extensions. Similarly, some security measures should urgently be retrofitted.

Current Version3.2
AuthorsDirk Burkhardt