Proceedings of the Collaborative European Research Conference 2019 are now online!

It has taken a while, but now the proceedings of this year’s Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC 2019) are now online on In particular as co-editor, I am very glad about this, since it lifts the conference in perspective of visibility and scientific establishing on a new level.

The 2019’s proceedings are available under:

To download as zip-file:

The multidisciplinary Collaborative European Research Conference (CERC) is an annual event that takes place since 2011 when it was initiated by University partners across Europe. It brings together researchers from a wide range of disciplines in order to foster knowledge transfer, inter-disciplinary exchange and collaboration. For more information about the conference, please check the website

Update 04/05/2019: I noticed today that the proceedings are now indexed at google scholar and DBLP, which maximizes the scientific visibility of the conference contributions .

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