New Website Launched

Since my very first personal website, which was running since 2008, came into its years, I decided a couple of month ago to relaunch it. Of course, the fundamental CMS should be simpler usable and more reliable for again a long use duration in the future. So, I needed to do a fundamental change, which resulted in a huge amount of effort to port all the pages to the new system. And next, a number of pages needed an update regarding content and images.

After almost 6 month of work, my new website is now ready to launch. I will not hide that there are still some bugs in and some things requires changes, but overall I’m pretty proud on the results. It looks technically and from the content up-to-date and supports now all platforms (in particular mobile devices).

Feel free to tell me how you find the new page, and although If you find bugs or have ideas for improvements. 🙂