Showing TrendMiner at E2COMATION Consortium Meeting

Yesterday we could show at our E2COMATION meeting in Milano to the KEAS use-case the results of the very first live data integration into TrendMiner to enable analysis in perspective in energy saving and optimization. After being part of the Software AG research team for almost half a year, this is not only a personal milestone but also a solid project milestone since we can now overserve the entire production plant regarding energy consumption.
With TrendMiner, the self-analytics platform, employees at KEAS should be able to identify potentials to identify among others energy savings and process optimizations. So, the solution intends to empower process engineers, plant managers, and other non-data scientists to optimize operations all the time, anytime, using a new generation of model-free self-service industrial analytics, as a means to analyze operational performance without data modeling, as well as to recognize cause-effect-relationships and root causes, and create early warnings for.