Last ITEA Board Support Group Meeting in this Year

For the last time this year, the ITEA Board Support Group (BSG) met in Berlin, together with the ITEA Authorities Committee. Even though it was an own journey to attend this time, it was anyway a very fruitful meeting where several points could be clarified, and upcoming actions could be tightened. It was impressive for me to see in what stages several projects are and what innovative projects are currently in the starting phase.

A major objective in the next year will be the visibility of the ITEA activities and especially the project outcomes. Many of the projects face important industrial, societal, and technological challenges and deliver solid impact to these. And this follows the mission of ITEA: The ITEA’s mission is to enable businesses, with the involvement of their customers, to create innovative solutions that master the Digital Transition and tackle the major challenges in a way that helps bring society forward. ITEA encourages its global community to create impact and value through RD&I projects in the area of software innovation with the knowledge of the industry and the capability of national financing.

I am looking back to an interesting start as a member of the ITEA BSG this year and I am excitingly looking forward to the upcoming year, and how ITEA continues its success story in software innovation.

Showing TrendMiner at E2COMATION Consortium Meeting

Yesterday we could show at our E2COMATION meeting in Milano to the KEAS use-case the results of the very first live data integration into TrendMiner to enable analysis in perspective in energy saving and optimization. After being part of the Software AG research team for almost half a year, this is not only a personal milestone but also a solid project milestone since we can now overserve the entire production plant regarding energy consumption.
With TrendMiner, the self-analytics platform, employees at KEAS should be able to identify potentials to identify among others energy savings and process optimizations. So, the solution intends to empower process engineers, plant managers, and other non-data scientists to optimize operations all the time, anytime, using a new generation of model-free self-service industrial analytics, as a means to analyze operational performance without data modeling, as well as to recognize cause-effect-relationships and root causes, and create early warnings for.

Students work on E2COMATION in TU Seminar

We, the Human-Computer Interaction & Visual Analytics team, and I from the Software AG hold this semester the seminar “Visual Trend Analysis” at the TU Darmstadt in the department of computer science.

At this seminar, students will work on current research topics that also face the European research project E2COMATION, in which the Software AG is involved. The given topics address state-of-art research and trends toward energy management and energy consumption organization with ICT, especially in the production industry. After the last discussions regarding the goals of the seminar and the expected results, I am looking forward to learning new insights about existing research solutions that might be also interesting for the project as well.

The goal of the E2COMATION project is the improvement of industrial energy efficiency at the European manufacturing level which requires the integration of energy data with advanced optimization techniques to guide a company’s decision-making. E2COMATION intends to address the optimization of energy usage, at multiple hierarchical layers of a manufacturing process as well as considering the whole life-cycle perspective across the value chain. The solutions that will be developed in the E2COMATION framework will operate at all factory levels, from collecting information and data at the field level, to managing and optimizing production at the factory level, and even up to the factory network level.

Becoming Member of ITEA Board Support Group

A couple of days ago I got a member in the name of Software AG of the ITEA Board Support Group with among others the objectives to support the ITEA Board and Steering Group, setting priorities and ranking projects for public support and approving projects propels and making recommendations for labeling. ITEA ( is the Eureka RD&I Cluster on software innovation, enabling a large international community of large industries, SMEs, start-ups, academia, and customer organizations, to collaborate in funded projects that turn innovative ideas into new businesses, jobs, economic growth, and benefits for society. It is industry-driven and covers a wide range of business opportunities facilitated by digitization like smart mobility, healthcare, smart cities and energy, manufacturing, engineering, and safety & security. ITEA pushes important technology fields like artificial intelligence, big data, simulation, and high-performance computing into concrete business applications.
It was a pleasure to learn some of the professionals of ITEA at the attendance of my first BSG meeting at Software AG in Darmstadt, especially the heads of ITEA Zeynep Sarilar, Jean-Francois Lavignon, and Jan Jonker. While the agenda holds several highly interesting topics but also challenges for the upcoming future. It also gave a solid insight into the benefits of the ITEA organization and program structure. A great advantage of the program is the focus on real industrial challenges that require research to advance and strengthen the European industry. I look forward to bringing in my knowledge and expertise to assist ITEA in continuing its success story.

SAG Project-Lead in E2COMATION

Since my movement as researcher to Software AG, I immediately got involved in the European research project E2COMATION. E2COMATION intends to address the optimization of energy usage, at multiple hierarchical layers of a manufacturing process as well as considering the whole life-cycle perspective across the value chain. For this purpose, in the project, a cross-sectorial methodological framework and a modular technological platform will be provided that is meant to help industrial companies to save energy and directly be more sustainable from the environmental and economic points of view.

Today it was officially announced to the project partners that I become project lead for the Software AG tasks. With this measure, a higher responsibility comes along with finding self-contained solutions and ideas to upcoming challenges in the project.

I am looking forward to bringing in my expertise to find solutions to the given project objectives, even if I still have a lot to learn about the smart technologies offered by Software AG.